August 6th, 2005 Posted in General Stuff, Links

Something that has been gnawing away at me since i heard the term is 'indirect incitement', it sounds like an awfully broad term that could well be abused to silence any support for opposition to the war on terrorism(or is there a new name for the war? which war? where? there seems to be a new war against some peace hating, democracy loathing people every time i hear or watch the news. What has happened?Did we forget about Iraq being bombed for over a decade, radioactive warheads being dropped on Iraqi civilians, what is the difference between this and the bombings in London? We are in a crazy situation. Crazy, aaaaagggggghhhhhh

Riding to work this morning through centennial park was appalling. I thought i would enjoy a lap before work rather than my usual shortcut. However, there is some construction to the footpath taking place which means the road is a little more narrow than usual. What car drivrs then seem to assume is they can take the cyclist/rollerblader lane as their's as well. Mind you some of those gargantuan four wheel drives need two lanes. One bloke drive right up behind me in the cycling lane, i enthusiastically directed him to his allocated space, he was most willing as he looked a bit unsure of the lane he was meant to be in.
Centennial Parklands need to do something about this, preferably no cars at all, ever. (But then, public space becomes restricted or people park their cars outside the park, realistically some signs might help all park users.

Scottish dave just left to get the train to brisbane, where he will begin his cycling journey south to melbourne Better do some work.