August 13th, 2005 Posted in Events, General Stuff, People, Rants

these last few saturday mornings at the shop have been so peaceful. I leave the radio off, have interesting conversations with our customers, and more recently sit at the computer contemplating what the hell a blog actually is and what it does and what i want it to do and how i am going to get it to do what i want even though i don't know how.
Janet just came and picked up her brand spankin merida city7, ultimate transport bike, i could go on and on but i won't.
still feeling up a bit heady after partying hard at tiff's birthday party. There was a dance off where adam versus paula (statioanary running man versus interpretative dance) saw paula crowned the winner.
The aspect from a 15th floor apartment on castlereagh st was stunning, the view of hyde park with st marys' steeples looming out of the trees was was pretty cool, felt pretty weird to be so high up though.
people enjoy blogs, i am just not sure why, the minutae