inernational roadtrip

September 22nd, 2005 Posted in General Stuff, Surly, Touring

Gday Mates

Adam and Mick are at the Grand Canyon! So far we have driven about 1200 kms and I am sick of our bloody car. I always say that this will be my last driving holiday, but something makes me do it. Bike touring only from now on.

In Arizona, we went to Prescott, a semi mountain town, with the coolest bikeshop. Southwest Sounds and Cycles was smaller than my bedroom, with a quarter of the wallspace CDs. Country and Western. The rest of the shop was a bike workspace. There was a full colour range of Chris King singlespeed hubs, a Jones Ti H bar, a C50 and half a dozen Surlys. Ed had a KArate Monkey built up for his own commuter. Really nice little shop. Other bike shops have been uninspiring

Then we went to Sedona to Bike And Beans and Mick put his bike together and went for a 1 minute testride, and found about 20 cateyes in his tyres. We now have Slime and have been riding in Sedona where we did a niiice 2 1/2 hr ride which had a swimming hole down the bottom of some switchbacks. Then we rode back in the dark along the road. Lesson learnt. and today in Flagstaff Arizona. Awesome trails 3 1/2 hrs up a big mountain fireroad, then down the singletrack. 9300 feet. Really beautiful scenery, pine trees and big mountains and ouch my legs hurt. Flagstaff is a vry cool town. Mick and I both agreed we could live there

That's Mick in Sedona

Might have to have tomorrow off before we go to Moab.