marrickville festival and earthdance

September 21st, 2005 Posted in Events, General Stuff

sunday was a beautiful day for car free travelling. we headed off to marrickville after sol's morning sleep which meant a bit of a late start to the festivities. He hates wearing his helmet in the trailer and when he falls asleep his upper body ends up at right angles to his legs neither of which are so good when you are mixing it with the traffic.
On our way to the marrickville festival we passed earthdance which seemed heaps more popular this year than last. Hordes of people were getting off the train at st peters and heading to sydney park, it was so cool to feel the energy of the music and the enthusiasm to celebrate.
The marrickville festival was huge and its proximity to dulwich hill and the lack of enticing food allowed me to head up to the valley bakery where the lovely older couple prepared me some fresh spinach triangles at 3.30pm. Such generosity is one reason why i love that place, the food is mad too.
The bands were pretty cool although i think final acts rastawookie competently upstaged endorphin. Heading home i experienced the cooks river cycleway for the first time, i have done most of my riding on the road but parts of the cycleway were exellent, others not so but the ability to avoid main traffic is, to me, such a luxury. The one thing that put me off was smelling the kerosene heading past the airport, there is something about that smell that disturbs me, something like we shouldn't be able to smell it.
A fun sunday ended tired but content in the knowledge that being car free was manageable and not a disability like so many people tell me.
better do some work, totally overbooked.
enjoy the day