September 28th, 2005 Posted in General Stuff, Touring

many miles later, Mick and Ad arrive at Moab ! Pretty cool little town, with nice food (a rarity over here) about 5 bike shops and 20 hotels. I had a raspberry beer. We stayed in the Center Street Hotel in the "Movie Room" other rooms were Safari, Western, Beach. Cool and cheap. It was the only room we could find in the whole town. It's busy busy at Moab all year round. Anyways Mick and I headed off early to ride the legendary SlickRock trail. It's basically like riding up and down Ayres rock for 2 1/2 hours . We saw 2 guys crash in the first 500 m and cane themselves on the rock. And that was just on the practice loop. It was a bit intimidating at first, but soon we go \t the hang of it, and I rode up the steepest bits of trail I have ever ridden up. The traction was unbelievable. Very demanding, but very fun.
Mick. Cactus.

Mick just finished saying "Righto, watch how a pro does it" and then fell straight over. I pissed myself for about 5 minutes then managed to take this photo.
There is a little painted trail that some motocross dudes made in the late 60's that you follow.
At the end of the ride this french girl came up to us asking for reccommendations on other places to ride. We didn't know, since Slickrock was our first ride. She said "oh, I just thought you would know , since you looked so…professionale"