September 20th, 2005 Posted in General Stuff, Rants

Even though it is probably just a publicity stunt for his book ( i hate how denton's show seems to have a promotional spin on people in the spotlight at the time of interviewing) i found latham quite appealling as opposition leader so i stayed up to watch the mark latham interview last night for the first time and after previously thinking he might have had some charisma and espoused ideals i could relate to he seemed to be such a bitter boofhead.
I think this was crystallised when denton mentioned that he felt sad that latham had quit politics reasoning it was worthless to fight on. Latham just refused to acknowledge that some people might have respected him as an alternative to the current prime minister and the impact his resignation had.
Such a depressing interview really. anyway, it is a beautiful day out there so i hope you get to enjoy some of it on your bikes.
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