vegas baby part 1 – dirt day

September 28th, 2005 Posted in General Stuff, New products, Singlespeed, Surly, Touring

It was extremely exciting to arrive at LV. The lights, the action blah blah. We got fried at the desert tryout day, and the highlights are as follows

First stop, Cervelo, our favourite road and tri brand. Nice guys . Very popular with their P3Carbon and New Carbon Solists racked up and ready to go.

And the verdict………..

Best roadbike ridden today. Very smooth, but stiff. I thought it was very similar to the Six13, my favourite riding bike of all time. Superlight too. This is going to be a very popular bike methinks.

NIcest looking roadbike was this Calfee bamboo machine. Full custom options are available and it comes with a 10 year warranty. Smooth ride, but a bit flexy in comparison to say a dale or cervelo. I love brown

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH! The Surly Pugsley with 4 inch tyres was fn awesome. So much fun. I hung out in the tent with the Surly guys for a while. 1X1s and Karate Monkeys wre coming and going. I heard 3 other people (apart from myself) say "the best bike I've ridden all day" !! Dave, get me one of these going for canberra.

MIck tried the 808s and Discs on this Rourke Ti. Ask him for his verdict when he gets back

Chub hub on the back of a giant RV

There were a few of these Niner bikes floating around. They also made these cool aheadset caps that you can mount a bottletop on. I'll be ordering up a stack of these for sure.

This one had chrome rims and cogg and everything

there were some funny outfits around.

More tomorrow night