bicycling australia show etc.

October 24th, 2005 Posted in Events, Folding, General Stuff, New products, Rants

another show, another bunch of kind of interesting stuff. adam and i volunteered at the test track but we seemed to spend more time wandering around the exhibition hall. There was an interesting "women and cycling: myths and realities" seminar but the vast majority of stalls had mass produced same old kind of set-up. the drop bar birdy looked cool and the new design frames are out there.
i always like to look at the baum bicycles display, inspect the welds, look hard at the paint job. it is amazing if you just take a few seconds longer to look at the join and the paint job on the bike that you just see another level rather simply a coloured collection of tubes.
i had the misfortune of having to use public transport for a few days as i injured me back and a knee injury flared up. i decided to get the train from bondi junction. i don't get out much and so seeing all the hordes of people flock to the station from the surrounding suburbs was like some flock making a pilgrimage to a waterhole or some such.
so i am sitting on the station waiting for the train and these booming speakers start spewing advertising and then a freakin television turns on and plays channel seven news updates and other assorted drivel.
i was judt dismayed, i am not writing righteously here, i just was like this can't be happening. when i opened my eyes, eveyrone around me who was standing was facing thescreen and watching the television.
when the dirty train bureacrats decided to glue the train windows up i thought that was a breach of my civil liberties to have access to fresh air and triedmostly unscuccessfully to re-open them, on this particular moring i just wanted to scream, 'whya re youwatching this shit?' or at least turn the bloody things off but then i thought what a disgustingly arrogant bastard i was to tell these people what to do, or even to think i knew better.
so i put up with it and tried to forget the experience on the train trip to central but then when i get to central i hear warning messages about unaccompanied baggage and that is the last straw, i have never disliked public transport but it is difficult to put up with some of the things that do not seem so public about the transport. why is channel seven on a public train platform?