castlemaine fat tyre festival and Australian Singlespeed Nationals

October 31st, 2005 Posted in Events, General Stuff, Singlespeed

Friday 25/11/2005 6:00-8:00 PM
Registration @ Theatre Royal
8.30pm Movies: Classic Cycling Movies with a twist (BMX Bandits???)

Saturday 26/11/2005
10:30 AM Treasure Hunt:
rego @ 10am at the theatre royal. The treasure hunt requires you and your bike to follow a set of clues and with the map provided of Castlemaine you answer as many/little questions in the time provided. Prizes up for grabs include the official Fat Tyre Fest Wine, Dinner @ local eatery and more!!! Oh yeah and the BIG ONE!!!!!
02:00PM Trials Demo
03:30 PM Longest Skid, Wheelie & Huffy Toss
4.30pm till8.30 pm Single Speed Crits, Towine Crits, Fat Boy Crits, (MTB's with slicks)16" crits & crusier crits.Presentations for all arvo's/evenings events!!!
09:00 PM The TALL POPPIES is the band and Damo will DJ. A fun night by all is expected!!! Did I mention BEER!!

Sunday 27/11/2005
10:00 AM Trail ride ending at next event
12:00 PM 2005 Australin Single Speed Nationals