columbia hotel

January 22nd, 2006 Posted in Bobo Bikes, General Stuff

So when i arrived in ashland i was a day early and after traveling for 35 hours i just needed to find somewhere quickly. i found this sweet hotel which had this 1940s era design which had been maintained, no televisions, a huge bath, a sink in your room and a sweet double bed.
so i crashed there for a night and then made my way slowly (the columbia had this mad lounge room with plush couches and papers and magazines to read) to the smelly hostel for the framebuilding course.
i do have pictures just got to work out how to load them. it snowed yesterday but is clear today and there are some hotsprings which are meant to be sweet.
as far as the course goes it has been pretty fast, we just started straight into brazing practice on different joints. head tube top tube lugged and fillet, chainstays rear dropouts brass brazed.

i have designed a a singlespeed, commuter bike with fender clearance, hopefully i have time to make a fork because the newvex fork crown is especially sweet. the main instructor is great, there is so much framebuilding myth just because people choose a method for whatever reason and over time decide that is the best and only way to do it.

the design stuff was great as he had a range of measurements and angles that gave repeatable characteristics to the ride of a bike. the people in ashland are cool, there are two cool co-ops; a music and organic food co-op.

lots of hippies, apparently lots of californians come here as well. the people doing the course are pretty cool, different backgrounds but all learnign a great deal in a very short time.

i've got class for seven days from 8-5 and then a hopefully will have a frame and fork and have some good tig welding practice on bicycle tubing.

taking orders for the first batch of bobo bikes now! just kidding, i think i'll build a few for myself make sure they stay together under abuse and then look at soem sensible models to offer.
thanks for reading, pretty boring bike nerd stuff but that is where i am at at the moment.

happy riding and thanks for reading