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January 28th, 2006 Posted in Bobo Bikes, General Stuff, Rants

what is wrong with the richard sachs link? or the columbia hotel link for that matter. i just finished my fork with newvex fork crown this afternoon, the only student to build a fork i might add. the bike looks sick, still needs a lot of finishing but that will have to wait.

i have two days of tig welding now but i am just about spent from building the frame and fork. tig welding is so tiring because i suck at it and so i have to concentrate so hard it wears me down. should be cool to get some practice though.

looking forward to checking portland out. i thought maybe i could check co-motion up in eugene. if anybody has any tips for places to check out in and around portland that would be sweet. at the moment i have to track down some vegan pancakes recommended by jos and suss out some bike shops.

any comments are welcome and when i post a link i will try to improve on my current standard.