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January 30th, 2006 Posted in General Stuff, Rants

We're back. Not on holidays for another month like I initially accidently blogged. Didn't do a whole lot really. Had a great Australia day sleeping in and going to Emma and Evan's BBQ. Played soccer which was very cool. However, this running around caused me great pain the next day. Ow, my back, ah my hamstrings. Getting old. Well, I did turn 35 last week! Advanced yoga on friday night didn't help. Nor did the nice spin to La Perouse (BLOODY BEAUTIFUL OUT THERE) But the massage on saturday did. I live about 50m from a massage school in the city that does 1 hour massages for $25. They must have been short of bodies to practice on, because I had two people massaging me at once. On doing my neck and back, and another doing my legs. Heaven!

Friday, I caught up on some bicycle magazine reading. Sometimes I get this huge pile, and a lot of it is pretty hard going. There are not many good writers in the bike mag industry, but I feel i have to read them all, just to keep up to date.

But there are a few that I really enjoy
the Ride – USA East Coast Bike Culture. Sure seems to be a cool part of the world for biking
Dirtrag – another northeast mag. NIce homegrown feel for MTB
velovision – Lots of "alternative =" stuff like folders, recumbents, loadcarriers
Bicycling – Lots to hate about this mag. All the car ads, liberator ads, stupid training and eating tips and check out the ridiculous cover of the current issue.
But, there is always 1 GREAT article longer than 300 words, and lots of inspiration like BIkeTown.
cyclingplus – UK allrounder. Lots of cool touring and city stuff
AtoB – folding bike zine form the UK. The writing style makes me feel like I am sitting in big leather armchairs in some posh club talking with a bunch of gents from London. Very funny, honest info.
Australian Cyclist – Lots of positive australian stories, especially in the members only Push On section. And there's always some of our customers articles, which is cool.
Rivendell reader – classic stuff