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March 17th, 2006 Posted in Events, General Stuff, Links, Rants

my mac doesn't seem to be allow mt to hyperlink so forgive me for the rustic web addresses. that aeolian ride really captured my imagination. the riders look so cool together and on their own has some cool pictures and they also had some cool links to soem bike blogs that i thought some of you might be interested in. friday nights are the first time to take a breath and reflect on the past week. a full day of tafe on monday for me means adam is ready for some time off on tuesday and we are crazy busy building some sweet rohloff bikes and some touring surly long haul truckers with a nice kit for some lovely tasmanians as well as a full schedule of servicing. has the bicycle related blogs for you to check out.

one of our lovely customers wrote an article on blogging in the australian and adam was an interviewee for a small section on how blogging operates for small businesses. pretty comprehensive job by the looks. adam thinks he is a celebrity now.

how good is lone wold with cub on sbs thursday nights at 10.30pm, way past my normal bedtime of 9pm but there is something about a samurai walking around pushing his kid in a bodgy barrow necking all these dudes that does it for me. the gore is sweet.

so we missed the first bikelove because apparently it was on at 9.30am not 11am but maybe some of you heard it. next time hopefully we will have the correct time. jo is on to good thing there i reckon, lots of scope to do cool stuff, podcast a critical mass, whatever she wants.

so adam and i participated in the 10th polaris challenge down at delegate on the nsw/vic border. we were mechanics on friday night and saturday morning and we were actually rather busy which didn't make for much a restful weekend.

those hydraulic disc brakes seem to be a trap for young players, rotors rubbing, loose caliper bolts, levers being depressed during travel plus a few rack fittings and gear adjustments kept us busy till about 10.30 or 11 on friday night so it was a late dinner of soy sausages cooked on the trangea with some yulla dips and salad and then saturday morning these lovely but overly chirpy for the time of morning competitors woke us up about 6.30am and we worked on people's bikes until about 9.30 when we started to pack up all we needed for the two days.

we decided to go for the big points, 70 for getting to the top of mt delegate, well it just about wrecked even though it was a hell of a lot of fun, half an hour of off road climbing in the granny ring sorted me out and 40minutes of adam's super low rohloff gear well and truly sorted him out.
we decided to head to the pub and see how we felt. after a couple of cold middies and a very generous plate of hot chips a swimming holw and maybe a return trip via the coast seemed like a good way to spend the rest of the weekend. i was stuffed it was way hot and i didn't feel like wrecking myself any further.

it was my first polaris and it had a really nice atmosphere that more eseasoned mtb and polaris racers mentioned was typical of a polaris event. there were serious competitors but just a bit more chilled out. if i was fitter and maybe if it wasn't so far away i would be more inclined to go for longer not that that would be difficult. i think total distanc etravelled was about 35km.

sleep beckons

have a good weekend.