the best customers

March 7th, 2006 Posted in Bobo Bikes, General Stuff, People, Rants

i am not so down with blogs being purely a marketing exercise for businesses. i figure it is a forum for people to express stuff they like and dislike about things posted and the shop. Also, for us to inform you of cool stuff we have in the shop and let you know what we are up to.

I was talking to Adam the other day about just how damn cool our customers were and how much i loved my job. Having visited quite a few shops in portland and some in japan all the shops that appealed to me were similar to cheeky monkey transport.

Portland had four or five co-ops (owner operated, non-profit) which was cool, veloshop was a sweet shop in the middle of downtown with heaps of cool track stuff with a nice open workshop. River city cycles was completely the opposite, they had carbon/bamboo calfee bikes, seven plus pretty much every major brand. A real flash shop but didn't really do it for me. ALthough they had full wooden fenders which looked great.

Anyway, we have a real diverse range of customers down here and damn you make it a great place to work. It might be sappy and i might sound like a moron but i don't care, i appreciate having such a sweet job.