The Realities of Urban Transport

July 2nd, 2006 Posted in Advocacy, Commuting

Via Velorution, some nice thoughts from The Financial Times and The Guardian..

Two articles from high-end newspapers that both address the practicalities of urban cycling as transportation.

Riding in the city needs to be normalised – The average Sydney office worker needs to think about cycling outside of the restrictive and misguided ideas of either lycra-clad weekend warriors on $5k worth of carbon fibre, or hell-bent couriers running red-lights and knocking down old ladies..

What can we do to get the Herald to write a weekend lifestyle article about the best bike routes between Circular Quay and Central? Or where to buy the best wicker baskets and urban bikes?

Update: Another Financial Times columnist, today, “with 10 excellent reasons why cycling to work would be a very good idea for you”… Office Workers of Sydney unite! You have nothing to grease but your chains!