Sydney is a cycling basket case

July 2nd, 2006 Posted in Advocacy

I had a really good talk with Rosemary from the Cycling Promotion Fund the other day. It kind of shocked me at first how on-the-ball she (and the CPF) is. You know how you get used to talking to people who give lots of excuses and listen vaguely to your ideas. None of that with Rosemary. And she told me some especially interesting news re cycling in Sydney. It seems that NSW and Sydney in particular have been identified as being especially in need of some help to improve conditions for cyclists. And the CPF will be funding someone Sydney based and independant of BikeNSW to try to get things happening. Very exciting!!

For those who don’t know who the CPF are, check out their website. It is FANTASTIC. Lots of very useful info to help you get more out of whatever type of cycling you are into.

The Cycling Promotion Fund is pretty much funded by a handful of our bike industry Wholesalers, who pay a percentage of their turnover each quarter. As of today, the full members are Avanti Bikes, Birdy Bikes, Tioga, Bicycling Australia magazine, Trek, Cycle Cover Insurance, Giant bicycles, Mongoose Bicycles, Greenspeed, Felt bikes, Shimano, Moruya Bicycles, Body Torque Clothing, Dirt Works and Cheeky Transport.

I can not believe how small a list this is. Every other bloody wholesaler is freeloading on these companies efforts. How can they not understand how valuable the CPF is in the future of their own businesses?

Anyway, check out the CPF site and all the above suppliers sites and forget the rest.