good times, good times

August 29th, 2006 Posted in New products, People, Rants

cimg0551.JPGWarning. This will be a bit of a blab on.

I have been a busy boy lately. It’s only with taking my first full weekend off (including computer research at home) in a while, that I have had time to think about it.

We won’t be moving on the 1st as expected (by State Rail). We are waiting for our security Rollerdoor to be installed before we move our extremely valuable stock. It’s been kind of nice just getting on top of the workshop stuff though.

We haven’t taken on any new bookings for the last 2 weeks and it has been really hard telling people no, but we are ploughing through it all, with a fair few really nice Surly builds including a nexus 8 speed Pugsley, a couple o Long Haul Truckers, a few high end Birdys, assorted Dahons and a lovely Crosscheck (Richard, the now proud owner took off on a testride, which is normally just a round the block thing, and went up to Centennial park flying around on the grass and trails). The main purpose for Richards Crosscheck, though, is to take his daughters touring. How cool is that? It is really satisfying for us to set up people with good quality bikes that will be used with such passion. We love it. Love it.

And, although I am well and truly sick of explaining when and where we are moving, it nearly brings a tear to my eye when people like Mark, and Shifty, and Stevo and Matt and Kristy and Emma and Moz and heaps of other people have asked to actually help us move.

Joe from SydBMA organised a sendoff Alleycat for Cheeky last Friday night, the highlights for participants included eating a banana, acting like a monkey in Pitt St mall, and visiting the new site of CheekyTransport in Newtown. Stevo was meant to bemanning the checkpoint there, but ran into Critical Mass, and they all decided to go to Georgina St and see our new location. I felt a bit guilty not being there, but I was manning the checkpoint in the city


Had a few beers at the Clare, slept in and missed the Loadcarrying massbug ride. Sorry Gilbert. I rested up because then it was off to Paddy and Jo’s party. Pommy theme. I’ll put some photos up soon. Pretty funny. A lot of “is that that guy/girl’s normal hair/outfit?” cimg0548.JPG

And then I slept in again and had vegan Yum Cha at sydney Pitt St vegetarian. I actually really love it now. And I dig Paula and Dave’s kid Sol. Took him to the Domain moving walkway. Very funny watching him running back against the flow.

Peter from psbikes/Christiania dropped us off a Beautiful Christiania trike with a wagoncover. I can’t wait to set that up. Should be available from $2700 in the lite model with disc brakes and 8 speed hub. 

soeroevere-kor-25-pct_.jpg (116747 bytes)

 And on Sunday I took my cross bike out for a burl over the bridge, round the water past Luna Park, to Balls Head, Berry island trying to find those engravings again. Still no luck, but I keep going, eventually past this gawdawful development of the old north Sydney gasworks into units. But then there was a little walking trail heading west, and I followed it carrying my bike. Bloody lovely secret little gully with sandstone cliffs and rainforest and a babbling brook. Amazing wilderness so close to the city.

Today, I had a look at our new Cheeky Transport logo, made up by Michelle french, formally of Australian Cyclist design fame. It’s a bit of old and a bit of new, and I think you’ll like it. Then I had a bit of a spin around the inner west. I am really looking forward to Newtown.

Dave and John have been really good lately, just getting shit done, and with such enthusiasm! It is pretty cool having a couple of extra bodies around, even if they just take the piss out of each other all day. Poor Nick is going to fit in OK though. I wish they would pull their pants up, or tuck their shirts in. Have they no shame?

John is starting a youth oriented bicycle drinking ride friday 15th Sept – Velo Social. The aim is to getbunch of young hot bike riders out for a fun night together. I think at 35, I can still go on Contiki tours, so I should be able to go to VeloSocial. Don’t know about next year.

I’ll put a post up when we are actually moving, but it should be within the next 2 weeks.