killin me

August 9th, 2006 Posted in General Stuff, New products, Rants

p1010369.JPGso i have taken to wearing a respro mask on my commute. even in centennial park there are some people who infuriate me by driving the dogs to the park for a walk or driving the 4wd for a jog or a ride even though they live around the corner.

now i can’t ride without my mask because the air is so disgusting, the militant look kind of appeals to me on one level but i feel as though i am alienating myself from my fellow citizen just because i don’t want breath disgusting fumes. good masks though, i am using a city and the techno is meant to have an even better filter so might upgrade when this filter runs out

on other exciting news, jackie chan rules, project a was the film with a the bicycle chase seen the other week. but i have been missing the jim jarmusch retrospective, that might be a bit too much tv anyway.