NSW State Plan weak on bike use

August 9th, 2006 Posted in Advocacy

The NSW Premier released the draft 10 year State Plan on Wednesday (big deal I hear you say) however buried in the bowels of this document on the last strategy on the last page (page 43) is a reference to cycling. It says:

‘blah blah…..promote increased use of existing cycleways”.

This is soooo weak. Firstly it is the last thing the government plans to do (there are a gizillion other actions in the plan) and that it is going to promote use of EXISTING cycleways i.e. no new pathways. And this at a time when people are screaming about congestion, pollution, price of fuel etc etc.


The plan is out for a mere month of consultation (gee must be an election coming up) so your feedback is critical. If you go feral and send in a written submission send it snail-mail to:

NSW State Plan
Premier’s Department
GPO Box 5341
Sydney NSW 2001

If you need to unload electronically go to ‘Your Feedback’ on the Plan’s webpage and go ballistic.

This plan is for ten years. Ten minutes of your time to get into them about the plan is a good investment.