We’re moving to Newtown !

August 27th, 2006 Posted in Events, General Stuff, New products, People, Rants

OK the cat’s out of the bag! Cheeky Transport is moving to Newtown and pretty bloody soon. Our new address is 3a Georgina Street Newtown and we are excited!

At the start of September we will be operating from a new salubrious location between the Solarium and the Synagogue in Georgina Street (just off king St near Goulds book store)(100m city side of the Marlbrough (Missendon Rd))

Click here for directions from our city store to our new location 

We are getting kicked out of the dungeon and we have a much bigger location. Somewhere to put a Christiania trike!

BUt anyway, Dave and John and Nick and I have been doing some thinking  and we are really keen to have some input from all youse out there in bike land .

So, the questions we are thinking about are

What customers or groups of customers do we want to serve? What products or services do we want to provide?What needs do we want to satisfy?How will our products differ from competitive items?What extra value or benefits will customers get from us over the competition?How fast do you think these things will change?I wish there was another better word than “customers”. Cheezy as it sounds, we think more along the lines of friends, colleagues, um…people ….i dunno ?Please let us know what kind of Cheeky Transport you would like to see.