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October 4th, 2006 Posted in Events, General Stuff, Rants

we have been so busy moving the shop and the workshop in newtown is already busy so i haven’t had an opportunity to blog for some time.

ride to work day was pretty cool, we set a christiania( trike up down on wilson street at the bottom of hollis park and gave away drink bottles and muffins, apples, oranges and some mad vegan cookies paula and i made on tuesday night. apparently there were 500 people in martin place which is pretty cool.

phil gomes of spinopsys(a very popular blog) fame gave us a heads up that the daily telegraph had done a piece on cyclists, i read it a few minutes ago. I have never really trusted the telegraph, they just seem to love the beat up. “cyclist hating motorists” was one description that stood out, what the?

it is so cool to see so many cyclists using wilson street. there seems to be more people commuting by bike now, i don’t know if i am just imagining it or the numbers are increasing either way i like feeling as though there are more people cruising round on bikes.

another cool event was the city of sydney bike expo. we got to show off our cool bikes, internal hub orbea’s, dahon’s and surly’s, nice upright flat bar roadie with a basket. there were tonnes of people in martin place on their lunch hour or just passing through. adam and i didn’t stop talking for about three hours about suitable bikes for commuting and cool touring options. tiring but pretty cool to see so many people interested.

moving to newtown has been pretty fraught, it was sad to leave pitt street, also sad to leave the couriers who have been so loyal. there is something about bicycle couriers that demands, requires, inspires respect, they don’t just ride to work, they ride around all day for their work and then ride home. if that is not a sweet example of bicycle transportation/use i am not sure what is. check out for details about the messenger world champs in a couple of weeks or we have flyers at the shop.

the local folks who have checked out the new shop have been extraordinary. we have been welcomed to the area, wished well in our location, it really has been very cool that people are so happy cheeky is in newtown.

the shop is slowly coming together, i think we may have underestimated the luxury of high ceilings because we now have to store all the bikes and keep it tidy, that is a work in progress. it is so cool to have an open, spacious workshop. john’s wooden, solid works designed workbenches are pretty cool and the couch for people to chill on and read or just hang out, makes me smile simply thinking about it.

good luck to all those riding the 24 hour on the weekend!

night all. thanks for reading