progress is good

October 10th, 2006 Posted in Events, People, Rants

 Things are good in Newtown. We got a couple of fancy additions like a display cabinet and a lounge and a coffee table, and have been accused of looking too fancy. Don’t worry, we are working on bringing the tone down

 Mum and Sheryn and Dad and jan test out the new lounge. They were all having a lot more fun than the photo shows. The photos on the wall behind the lounga are one of my favourite things about the new shop. Lots of people with their bikes.

 This is Chris, musician and our first bike buyer in our new location. Chris is looking off into the bright new bicycling future.

 Anne and her beautiful new Electra Townie

 We had a bit of a scare when Dave was found unconscious on the road around the corner. A good samaritan dropped him off to the hospital, and fortunately he survived with a bit of lost skin and a knock to the head. Thanks to the Rabbi and the good people at RPA.

 Congratulations to CMWC organiser Kate and Stevo for being preggers

Steamroller with Nitto North road bars. MMMMM