on a lighter note

November 14th, 2006 Posted in General Stuff

so the shop has quietened down a little after the spring cycle and gong ride. keeping busy with rohloff builds and surly trucker and cross check constructions. it is awesome to talk to people about how they can build the bike that they want and then we get to create it for them.
my ’emotional breakdown’ was torturous but brief, lying in bed was sweet. probably just anemia from being vegan. it is good to be back in the shop though

i have to be quick because sol is on the boob and i have to go in and put him to sleep. other things…..
oh yeah, i bought a dt tensiometer. you might be thinking, ‘wanker’ or ‘what the hell is a tensiometer?’ you might be right but damn it is pretty cool. it measures how balanced the tension on your spokes are. (very important for long lasting wheel builds)

i was going to get another wheelsmith because they are so easy to use and our one was pretty old i wanted to check its cailbration and have my own tensiometer.

this cheeky party sounds pretty cool and the bike maintenance classes should be fun

just got the call.