Updated Cheeky VeloSocial Barbie/Party Sunday Dec 17 Pyrmont Point

December 13th, 2006 Posted in Events

Oh yeah, if it’s raining we’ll can the ride and party in the shop. Call adam on 0414 671 708 if in doubt.poster2.jpg

 UPdate details. OK I have devised a cool kid/beginner/loadedtrailer route from the shop to the Park At Pyrmont. Check it out here 

Loose plan is

2pm leave Cheeky Transport with crazy bikes and kids (crazy or not) to ride a nice flat, low traffic, scenic ride to the park.

2:30-3pm Fish markets to pick up food supplies

3-4pm  Pyrmont Bottleshop for drinks supplies and then to the park to rellllllaaaxxxxx! Campari first I think. then out with the bicycle blender!!! Apparently John was know in certain parts of London for his cocktail;s

5pm   Food supplied by the amazing Campbells. BYO meat. There are barbies at the park to do your meat on.

8pm?  Watch the sun go down

Meet at Cheeky transport at 2pm for a convoyage to Pyrmont Point Park (3pm) for a vegan barbie (BYO meat. BYP kids. We will take the Christiania full of ice and beer and a bicycle powered blender for cocktails. There will be music of some kind and some prizes for outfits and some events like skids and trackstands and some other cool stuff.

Very low key, it’s a real nice spot to spend the afternoon and watch the sunset

All welcome as long as you come by bike.