Commuting specialists

December 7th, 2006 Posted in Commuting, Lights, New products

We at Cheeky Transport are trying to be a shop for Commuting, Touring, Folding and Singlespeed specialists. So I thought I should showcase some of the cool stuff we have in these areas.

These are cool new Helmets from Netti – the Transit! Kind of like those skatie helmets, but with more vents and nicer pads and straps. ie more comfortable, especially in Summer. Also available with a visor, but I reckon they look cooler without. $50. What an absolute bargain.


We have just started stocking Vaude panniers (more on these in a touring post). One of their excellent products is this briefcase/laptop bag that attatches (maybe it’s an attache case, heh, heh) to your rear rack. The rack attatchments zip away so they don’t scrape you when you are carrying it by the shoulder strap. The Cambridge is $100 and a few customers have said they are awesome.cimg1066.JPGcimg1065.JPGcimg1064.JPG

Comfy handlebar grips. It amazes me that people use narrow hard grips. Why would you when you can have nice soft comfy ones? My favourites are the new ones with a bit of a flat section out the back. We have them from $20 by BBB, Dufva and the original Ergons that bolt on.


Puncture proof tyres! Well as near to as possible, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus come in all sizes and have a gel layer, which has proved to be bloody fantastic for not getting punctures. And they have a highly effective reflective sidewall. $60 a tyre.


It is so annoying when you fit a rack to your bike, instantly making it more useful, but then can’t fit your rear light to it. We have found a great little light/reflector that actually mounts to the rear of your rack (nice and solid) so people can see you from behind even when you have stuff on your rack. $25 including the rack bracket.cimg1074.JPG

Lots of people get their bikes stolen, or are afraid to ride a nice bike around because they think it might get stolen. But all you need to do is to get a decent lock. Steer clear of those cable locks. Get a d-lock of appropriate quality. Team it up with some wheel and seatpost locks ($35-$110) and you won’t get your bike nicked. Make sure you lock it to some immovable object. These Kryptonite Evo lock fit in your back pocket.cimg1071.JPG



Big money, yep , but so convenient and environmentally friendly. The Schmidt dynamo hub generates power to run the Band M LED front light, which pumps out the light. It even has a sensor, so it turns itself on when you go thru tunnels etc. No, you can’t feel it when you are riding. About $500.  MOre info at our online catalogue


Highrise handlebars. Cheap ($20), makes riding around town a whole lot more pleasant. You can see easier. People can see you, your hands don’t hurt as much, and there’s less stress on your back. Like they do in Amsterdam!