mobile, bicycle-powered acoustic musical instruments show

January 6th, 2007 Posted in Events

Volunteers, musicians, riders wanted!!


Your chance to take part in the Pursuit project 2007 – all you need is a bicycle and a bicycle powered musical idea. Call Jon Rose on 04 0509 9445 to get involved – and please don’t leave it till the last moment.PURSUIT will feature a veritable orchestra of mobile, bicycle-powered acoustic musical instruments utlising the ground floor and yard at
THE FACTORY, 105 Victoria Rd, Enmore, Sydney (and weather permitting in the park opposite) on
Thursday, January 18th 2007 at midnight, as part of
The NOWnow Festival.

Envisaged is a specially-choreographed spectacle of sound, speed and light based on the bicycle. Bicycle musical instruments can be anything from simple clip on clickers to more complex constructions powering wind, string, or piano actions – or even bicycle dynamo DC powered electronics.

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