This is a bike I really want to stock

January 13th, 2007 Posted in New products Cargobike (long version) Cargobike Long Child Transport Bicycle

The brilliant, child transport and utility bicycle. Easier pedaling and nicer riding than any trike, and the low carrier makes it light handling and stable. Quality construction and all the features of a Dutch city bike.

You can carry 3 kids, or 2 children and a baby in a Maxi-Cosi. Or one child and lots of groceries! 

The Cargobike rolls right on and off its Stabilo center-stand, and kids can safely climb in and out themselves. Kids love sitting up front, and parent-child communication is easy. Like other WorkCycles our Cargobike is considerably upgraded: Better gear systems, fatter tires, much improved lighting, adjustable saddle, lots of great colors and more!




Uses- Child transport, general family use, errands.

Load capacity- 80kg front, 30kg rear

Key specs-


  • 2nd bench (3 kids)

  • Maxi-Cosi holder
  • Reflective stripes, flames
  • Child canopy, flat cargo canopy

Above photos stolen from the awsomely inspiring

Now, we don’t actually have any of these bikes. The deal is, I need to order a minimum of 5, and they will retail around $3500 each by the time they get here. They don’t carry as much as the Christainias, but are I would say a lot more manouverable, and better to ride on off camber roads. ie much better for Sydney. I am happy to have 2 or 3 for stock, but ideally i need 2 or 3 deposits ($1000 deposits) on these bikes before I can afford to import some from Holland. They look awesome, and especially after seeing their success in Holland and in America, I am so keen to get them.

I tell you what. For the first order, if anyone is willing to pay upfront , I will give you $500 off (basically our profit margin). ie $3000 super special offer.

So, who’s in?