urban warrior colorado style

March 20th, 2007 Posted in Events, Travel

hope you’re all well. there’s a real live local school district spelling bee on tv right now.. just like “spellbound”. it’s rivetting.

spent about 6 hours in the saddle yesterday, saw the local st patricks parade. there was item on the local tv news about peace protestors being arrested when they refused a request not to march.. heavy..

we ended up at a bike shop right across town, found some good thrift stores and some tasty mexican.

adam- i made the mistake of riding a single speed 29er yesterday.. gotta get a karate monkey when i get home…

the 2nd half of the course (BRO) starts tomorrow. looking forward to it. keep checking flickr – there should be some more uploads. i’ll try a little youtube as well.

one request for mala or adam – could i get some more stickers in the mail?
gotta go – the spelling bee is right at the sharp end of the comp, and i gots homework to do..

see you soon,