Riding Companion Required – Tibet

May 23rd, 2007 Posted in Touring

A mate of mine is continuing his epic cycle tour and if anybody is interested in joining him you can contact him at belzebul5@yahoo.com

He’s currently in a remote part of China..

“I’m about to embark on my next leg which will take me from central western china, a desert city called Golmud, south along the tibetan plataeu in to tibet, concluding at Lhasa.
about 1200km. i was aiming for 70km a day, which will fluctuate depending mostly on head winds and possibly cold and snow. im allowing about 3 weeks i should be in Lhasa around the start of june. once i get to Lhasa im sure there will be some bike or adventure community
i can nut out, so maybe ill find some others there or some other ideas. ill be doing a fair bit more research there for the leg onto Kashgar. not many people go the way im going at the moment but think a fair few more ride around in Tibet.”