From Jo (bikelove) and Paddy (bikelover) in London

July 9th, 2007 Posted in Travel

The tour was awesome… England was really excited.  There was a bit of
uncertainty as the day approached but people turned out in the millions.  We
had an awesome spot to watch the prologue.  We were on the inside of the
track in a sort of horseshoe that the riders went around… so you could see
them doing a 360!  Would be nice to see them in France too but that might be
more than we can chew.  We also watched a few nano-seconds of stage 1.
kerbside viewing.  There was so much paraphenalia that followed them….
after the last coach went past a few ordinary cyclists jumped on their bikes
and followed them.  So Paddy and I did too and the crowds were cheering us
on as we sailed through Greenwich.  Then from the depths of the crowds an
American voice boomed ‘PATRICK JONES!’ that got people cheering even more.
It was pretty funny… until, we got stopped by the cops 2 miles down the
road!  Fame is short but very sweet.

Paddy finished teaching next tuesday then we are off to france on
Thursday… at last check.

Have finally just bought the radio equipment… heaps excited about that!