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February 16th, 2008 Posted in General Stuff, Links


Lock It Or Lose It

 Via the ever-awesome Velorution comes this great article on securing your bike, originally published by the UK’s CTC. There’s some really good advice on the tactics that are used against common types of locks, and how to counter them – particularly the scourge of the mini hydraulic jack that can bust open even the most heavy duty D-Lock.

Our favourite lock is the 3.25″ x 5.5″ Kryptonite Evolution Mini, which is big enough to lock most bikes, but small enough that it can’t be levered open. 

It’s a pain to have your bike stolen, but almost as bad to have your wheels taken – it happened to me in the supermarket car-park on Christmas Eve a few years back. A heavy braided cable looped through the wheels to a D-lock is good, but a pain to lace up every time. Pitlock skewers replace your regular quick release skewers and seatpost with a bolt up key. Cheaper versions use an Allen Head or 5-sided nut, but the Pitlock key is randomly chosen from hundreds of different shapes.