Congratulations Fiona..

February 26th, 2008 Posted in Events

We just got an email from Fiona Campbell – Sydney’s most tireless and hardworking transport cycling advocate and tofu burger chef – announcing the following:

I’m very happy to be able to tell you that, from 10th March, I will be working at the City of Sydney as Transport Planner (Cycling). I will be responsible for the implementation of the social actions (not infrastructure) side of the City’s Cycling Strategy.

This will be an exciting challenge and a big change after working as a mainframe programmer for twenty years, but also seems such a natural culmination of all the projects, advocacy activities and research I’ve been doing on a volunteer basis for the last ten years. Thank you to all the people, first in massbug and everyone else, around the country, who taught me so much and helped me reach this point. I look forward to putting this knowledge and enthusiasm to work to help the City achieve its aim of “making cycling an equal transport choice for residents, workers and visitors”.

Fantastic news for Fiona, CoS Council and for cycling in this city! Congratulations from all of us greasy monkeys..