Beautiful Blue Bike Stolen from Tamarama ReCOVERED!!

March 26th, 2008 Posted in Events

Just to let you guys know I recovered my DeKerf.

I was catching a bus up to Bondi Junction last Saturday, feeling pretty gloomy at the time as I shouldn’t of been on a bus at all. Not happy with public transport as it was ten minutes late. Going through the mall, staring vacantly out the window, I look up to see a street guy leaving Gelatissimo, a milkshake in one hand and wheeling my bike in the other. Half a busload of people from Tamarama to Bondi Junction on Saturday morning think they caught the bus with a nutcase, However, the driver got it and quickly pulled up and let me off. Adrenaline and anger, sprinting at full stretch, came up behind him in a side street, dropped the shoulder, ripped the bike out of his hand.

Won’t go into the pleasantries in the verbal exchange.

My favourite street machine is now at home, none the worse for the experience. Lucky. There was maybe a 15 second interval where we crossed paths.

Thanks again for your help.