Bromptons, Big Dummys and 3 Speeds..

October 24th, 2008 Posted in Events

Just a quick blog post from me (Nick) – a couple of cool links that I wanted to share:

  • If it seems likes we’re obsessed with Bromptons on the Cheeky blog at the moment, that’s because we are. We’ve even heard rumours of an electric assist hub motor Brompton being secretly assembled in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. Check out “Inventing the Perfect Folding Bicycle” – A recording of a talk by Andrew Ritchey, the bike’s inventor. I was working on one of these last night, and it reminded me how every piece of the design works together so elegantly. Best. 2-speed derailleurator. Ever.
  • We’ve got what will hopefully be the first of many Big Dummy’s built up in the shop at the moment. I I liked what the Surly blog had to say about cargo haulin’ pleasure –Big Dumb Love. If a Big Dummy is out of your league, do what I did and convert your boring, dust-gathering, fixie into a grocery getter of epic proportions..