2000 and Fine.. and Brompton News..

January 13th, 2009 Posted in Events

We’re back on deck after a relaxing couple of weeks off, with a full plate for services, and a couple of nice custom builds coming up, so 2009 is off to a pretty good start.

We’ve had a few questions about the 2009 Brompton updates and changes, so here’s the lowdown.

The big change is the new Brompton Wide Range hub from Sturmey Archer which gives the 6 speeds a 302% gear range. Click for the big version of this this diagram for some comparisons..


You can read all the gory details here. The other changes are in saddles, pedals and lightweight front wheels.

The 2009 bikes will be in Australia around March/April.

Like with everything, as the Aussie dollar has lost ground, prices have gone up, with a M3L now starting from $1649, but we can’t say enough good things about the bikes. They really are the best folders we’ve ever seen.