Bike Polo, Salt Doco, Davey and Mick..

February 10th, 2009 Posted in News, People

Lots happening, so a monster blog update.

First up, Murray Fredericks, as well as being an incredible photographic artist, is a customer and friend of the shop. For the past few years he’s been riding his Surly Pugsley out to Lake Eyre in South Australia for his ‘Salt’ series, and simultaneously filming a documentary about the project. The doco is due to premiere at the Adelaide film festival and the trailer has just been released:


Secondly, a  brief update on the workshop – Davey had an off racing at Heffron Park last week and has done himself a touch of damage. He’ll be recovering over the next few weeks and will be out of the workshop. We’ll soldier on in his absence, but we’ll probably wind up booked out in further in advance than we already are.

Farewell to Mick as well – he’s off with his be-stickered Rohloff / Schmidt / Crosscheck to conquer the US and Europe for a few months.

Finally, you’re invited to come and check out Bike Polo. My advice is that if you wanna play, bring an old beater MTB, rather than your carbon roadbike – things can get hairy: