Powerhouse Bike Lecture

February 23rd, 2009 Posted in Events

As part of the Powerhouse Museum’s Sunday Talks Series.

Boneshakers to superbikes – Stories from the Museum’s bicycle collection with Margaret Simpson. Curator, Transport, Powerhouse Museum

Just over a century ago, cycling for women was frowned upon, a doctor advising girls that riding could cause ‘trouble for their womanhood’, it was also considered immoral. But ride they did. The bicycle gave women new mobility and was a symbol of their independence, but wearing appropriate clothing was a controversial issue. In this illustrated talk find out what happened, why early bicycles were called ‘running machines’, how Australian shearers rode out to the sheds along camel tracks and why penny farthing riders were dubbed ‘cads on castors’. Hear the stories associated with the Museum’s amazing bicycle collection, including those ridden by an eccentric bird call collector, monkeys at Taronga Zoo and Olympic cyclists.

Free with Museum admission.