Latest update – Cheeky Touring Weekend – Bogans to the Blowhole

March 23rd, 2009 Posted in Touring

We’d like to go touring more often, especially with people who have bought lovely touring bikes from us.

We’d like to invite those of you who have bought sweet Surlys, Fuji Tourings or Vivente Randonneurs,  to come for a ride with us over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of April. On Saturday we’ll catch an early train out of the city to Macarthur, and ride the 84 or so k’s down to Berrima.

Sunday will be a roll over the beautiful southern highlands thru Bowral and Robertson down Jamberoo mountain to Kiama, with the option of a hardcore climb over Saddleback Mountain Rd . Then it’s beach, swim, train home.

Accommodation will be camping. Berrima has a not strictly legal to camp reserve on a creek (maybe with water in it?) and it’s an interesting place, moreso than Moss Vale, where there is a caravan park. There are no showers at Berrima though. And there are B&B and motel options all over.

What to bring
Not too much stuff. It’s only overnight, but warm clothes. Raincoat. Food.
Check this list from one of my favourite mags the Rivendell Reader
What to bring on a one-night campout


Get to Central station at 7am to get the paper.
There is an East Hills line train from central that leaves at 7:23 and arrives at Macarthur at 8:27.
We’ll be riding from Macarthur Station 8:40am. Easy pace with everyone.
Nick will be offering commentary for the entire ride to Berrima, with possible stops at the Thirlmere Rail Heritage Centre and others for lunch, coffee cake etc.

Saturday arvo we can check out Berrima , have a cookup, or just go to the pub. Then after dark, we will set up the tents.
What does everyone think?

Sunday morning we’ll get brekky at Berrima bakery then ride over the backway to Bowral and north of the main road then to the pieshop at Robertson, to fortify ourselves for Jamberoo pass. Obviously we will stop for cake at Jamberoo and then check out the blowhole(s) and swim at Kiama.

On Sunday arvo, trains leave hourly from Kiama to Central and it takes about 2:30 to get back eg 4:31pm arrives central at 6:56pm

Looks like about a dozen people are keen at this stage. I am excited!!

Maps below, except we are stopping at Berrima, not Mittagong which makes it 84km on day one.

Map for Day One. Map for Day Two.