a bit of light advice

May 14th, 2009 Posted in Commuting, Lights, New products

Yes, it’s dark out there… so lighten up people!

We have dynamo lights from Shimano, Schmidt and Busch and Muller. Dynamo are THE best commuting lights. A front hub generates the power to run a super bright LED front and rear light. They put out enough light (up to 60 lumens)to see where you are going and to make you very visible. No need to recharge batteries, lights are fixed onto the bike ready to go at all times. Some lights even turn themselves on when it’s dark. Also very hard to nick. $400+

Rechargable front lights from NiteFlux and NiteRider (includiing one that charges via USB on your computer) put out heaps of light. If you need to really light up the road, these are the go. The tiny Niterider MiNewt (110 Lumens) charges a very small Lithium battery which mounts on your stem and can recharge via USB or wall outlets. Very useful. Or The Niteflux Commuter 4 (270 Lumens) is a bit bigger and clunkier, but cheaper and brighter. $200 plus

Everyone needs at least a front white and a rear red blinky light. We have tiny little baby ones, rack mounted rear, helmet mounted, basket mounted , valve cap and super bright ones for handlebar and seatposts. $50 for a pair

Jennifer’s white bike has an IQ fly schmicko Dynamo light. Antonette’s blue Gofa has a front basket mounted flasher.

And we have stick-on reflective tape, refelctive anklets and vests by Ron D Swan and Netti.

please contact us if you would like any more light advice..