June 3rd, 2009 Posted in People, Travel

so i haven’t been blogging much lately but don’t worry you are going to suffer me a bunch from now on. In the last 3 months my bike has not been my friend, i never thought an object of such beauty and a deliverer of such vast, joyful functionality could be such a treacherous fiend.

first a racing accident. a good one, severed tenders in my right hand, my pinky can barely scratch me ear it is such a waste of space. i could try and put that one away to being on the limit and being unfortunate on a tight corner in a race. the truth was i thought just because i had tubular tyres i could run obscene pressures. high pressure on rough road doesn’t work so well. i should’ve known but every last bit of forward momentum i could savor i was chasing.

then 10 weeks later, barely back on the back in earnest about 200 metres from home after a light ride, having a drink, hit a bump, next thing down on the ground groaning and moaning unable to breathe very well and realising that i couldn’t put weight on my right arm because i had a broken collarbone. even after my hand injury i loved riding my bike with an undeserved passion. maybe i should have been more humbled, i did try but i just couldn’t shake the urge to get back training again.

a week after i broke my collarbone i was due to go on a family holiday to france for three weeks to stay with paula’s parents in provence. awesome timing, mont ventoux beckoned but i was unable to oblige. i did drink a lot of great wine and had some lovely fresh produce. a good location to lick my wounds.

so a few pieces of advice: it is probably a good idea to wear gloves when you ride your bicycle (any protection helps), do not exceed 120psi in any type tyre when racing at heffron park or any other poorly surfaced cycling track and be very careful when riding no hands. if you break your collarbone get a few expert opinions on whether to operate or not. i reckon i should have been operated on but wasn’t and now have a significantly overlapped collarbone which will require messing with at some future date.

i am getting to get a kieren racing outfit just to commute with: cushioning and mad hand protection