going’s on (perceived trends in a small corner of the bike industry)

July 31st, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Would you trust a guy who matches his scarf and beanie? Actually, i think the scarf is a beanie as well, etxe ondo make these rude beanies that open out into a headband and little alberto is using one as a scarf. So, would you trust a guy who wears two beanies or two scarves. Anyway you look at it seems a bit dodgy.

For more serious rantings see below

Well, the gfc has meant that maybe the volume of bike sales has decreased but a significant proportion of those who are buying a bike are wanting to purchase a bike to last them for a long time. That means we are ticking through gazelle, surly and brompton bikes.

The gofa bikes are still solid and great for people wanting to get into commuting. The electra range is getting more attention and they do make some seriously attractive practical bikes, plenty of impractical chopper bikes as well.

The most inspiring thing we have started to hear in the last twelve months or so is, ‘I/we have sold our car and we need a bike to do everything!’. Hearing that, almost regularly and selling our first gazelle cabby has been pretty cool.

The fixie/singlespeed trend still seems strong but we are seeing people express a desire to return to gears of some sort or get a  steel road bike after riding a steel singlespeed for some time.

For those people interested in electric bicycles check out this mag. The explosion in electric bike sales in europe especially holland is out of control. The law at present restricts bikes made for the european market to be imported to australia as they exceed the maximum 200 watt power output.

I’ve been getting public transport for a while and getting back on the bike in the last week it seems there are tonnes of people getting around by bike. For those of you who are interested in