John’s Long Haul Trucker in SA

August 20th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Taken on the Mawson Trail, SA near Wilpena Pound   John Holstein

We built a lovely custom heavy duty Surly Long Haul Trucker for John. He sent us an email and some photos:
Hi Guys,
The LHT really performed well on the recent Silver City Bush Treadlers ‘Windmill Dare” which travelled in a circuit from Yunta to Morgan Clare, Quorn, Hawker, Wilpena Pound & back to Yunta.
It got heaps of approving comments, several test rides and was accompanied by an off the shelf LHT from Canberra & a Big Dummy from Melbourne. We travelled some sections of the Mawson trail as well as the Riesling Trail.
On the section of the Mawson trail near Wilpena Pound I rode it like a Mountain Bike. Up to 35kph on dirt, through gullies and over rough & rocky ground for about 8 kilometres. It was so good, that I returned for two more trips along the same section on our rest day & then again when we rode out of Wilpena headed back to Yunta.
John Holstein