Cheeky Transport Hubbard Ride

October 6th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized


i liked this image because it triggered a thought where we could have a group of people in cycling atire running around the centennial park bent over pretending they were riding a bicycle.

If you don’t know what a hubbard is, don’t worry just join us and we’ll teach you how to be the best hubbard you can be. So, ‘hubbard’ you say. Yes, we are hubbards and presently proud of it. Nick and Lee are currently fighting for head hubbard and we thought we should open this ride up for more people who just want to roll around centennial fairly relaxedly with a few efforts here and there without any roadie snobbery.

THE RIDE: centennial park open to anyone 8am or thereabouts, at the cafe corner, bubbler, cannon intersection on grand parade keep your eyes peeled if you are late for a bunch of people on road bikes riding all over the rode in an array of cycling attire.

see you there.