Cameron is riding home… from London

April 29th, 2010 Posted in Surly, Touring

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I have been in England for a month now and have spent the last 9 days on the road for the start of my touring. I arived mid-late March and spent the first week or so at my cousins place and looking around London and its many attractions and free museums. During early April I went for my first overnight ride with the bike and then a four day ride from Southend-on-sea (about 50 k east of london) up to Kings Lynn via Cambridge. These rides were approximately 320 km combined with my last weeks riding I have now accumulated approx 900 km fully loaded touring. I have attached two photos that are explained by their tittles.

I have finally managed to get my Journal to a suitable point that I was happy to publish it. The journal can be reached by following the link – This will take you to the contents page. New entries are marked by a RED asterik and entries that have been edited in the last week are marked by a GREEN asterik. Jez there are currently no photos on any page. Photos will come in time as I get around to downloading the photos form my camera and sortin them out.

So far the trip has been thoroughly enjoyable except for getting a chest infection that delayedf the start of the main trip 4 days. So far all the right decisions have been made and I am very happy with my choice to come over and cycle around.

I am in a pub in Salisbury having lunch as I type this. The weather today has turned cold and windy again after 5-6 days of virtually no cloud and plenty of warm sunshine. Last night was the first night or day that I have received any run and I was in my sleeping bag 5 miinutes before the rain hit, so now the tent is spread out in a beer garden drying in the breeze. The plan for the next few days is to head off to Bristol via Bath then a train back to London to pick up a replacement bit of equipment before the train back to Bristol and heading north to John O’Groats over the next couple of weeks.

Hope everything is well with everyone.

C (or whatever nickname you want to insert here instead)