Shaping Sydney’s Future: Commenting on the City Plan

March 3rd, 2011 Posted in Advocacy

From BikeSydney‘s website

BIKESydney is preparing to comment on the City of Sydney’s draft City Plan – the set of planning controls that will guide future development throughout the LGA.

The City Plan consists of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) and supporting information. The LEP is the principal legal document for controlling development and guiding planning decisions made by Council. The DCP is a non-legal document which supports the LEP with more detailed planning and design guidelines.

These draft documents are on public exhibition until April 4.

What we’re doing

We’re holding a workshop to discuss the sections of the documents that relate to bicycle transport and prepare comments for our formal submission to the Council. In the afternoon we may ride some of the proposed network routes to look at any particular concerns.

Saturday March 5
Kicking off 10am
Benledi Room, Glebe Library, 186 Glebe Point Road, Glebe



  • End of journey facilities for bicycle riders (Part 6)
  • Car parks  (Part 7)


  • Pedestrian and Bike Links (Section 2- 2.1.9)
  • Streets, lanes and footpaths (Section 2 – 2.2)
  • Transport and Parking (Section 2 – 2.15 and Schedule 9)
  • Cycling plans for specific areas
    • Pedestrian and Bike links Green Square (Section 4 – 4.2.5)
    • Epsom Park – Green Square (Section 4 – 4.3)
    • Green Square – Lachlan(Section 4 – 4.4)
    • Ashmore Neighbourhood(Section 4 – 4.5)
    • Alexandra Canal (Section 4 – 5.1)
    • Bourke Road, Alexandria(Section 5 – 5.2.1-2)
    • Huntley Street, Alexandria(Section 5 – 5.2.3)
  • The 24 cycleways maps (the network outlined in the maps is an evolution of that provided in the Cycle Strategy and Action Plan: 2007-17)

How to get involved?

  • Read through the documents.
  • Have a look at the maps (also read through Section 4 of the Cycle Strategy).
  • Note down what you think is good and what needs improvement.
  • Let us know if we’ve missed an section you think could impact cycling.
  • Come along to the meeting…or if you can’t make it send us an email with your notes.

RSVP (so we know we’ve got enough room and snacks)