Easter Touring #3 – Yunnan China

May 19th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

Aaron and Jacqui sent us some pics and a story from Yunnan – They’re currently in China after leaving Jervis Bay in August last year and riding via NT, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Thailand etc – have a look at their entertaining blog and gorgeous photos

Dinner in Songming, Yunnan, China

Slept in after a late night out with Jesse and Talia two American expats.

Finally left Kunming at 12pm, tried to follow a route east out of the city. After 7km were semi lost and decided to back track a bit. Stopped at a bakery to buy some muffins, the baker refused to let us pay. Continued on in an easterly direction following a major road (8lanes). Road turned into a confusing mess of new expressway flyovers and roads going every direction we didn’t want to go. Stopped to eat the muffins, were delicious! Decided to back track again. Asked two guys for directions, a guy passing on an electric scooter stops and indicates we should head even further back. After some deliberation decided to take his advice. Five minutes later he appears again on his electric scooter and gestures he will show us the way.

Eight kilometres and half an hour later he leads us on to the main expressway heading to Songming. All the while not one road sign had indicated we were actually heading in the right direction…we had no chance without his help.

Waved goodbye and followed expressway over a range of hills higher than Mt Kosciuszko. All the while wondering if we were going to get in trouble, no bicycles or motorbikes round here. With no one stopping us we continued along this big fast road another 40 km into Songming.

Sprawling town made up with a mix of Ethnic minority and Han folks. Two different people help us find a hotel, in English, bit unexpected. Down a side street, across a square of kids playing basketball, through an alley past a wedding reception, then up a long steep driveway to a grandiose classic 1980s period hotel with stone elephants on the landing.

After much gesturing, a few words of mandarin and more gestures we were shown to our room by a cute little ethnic mountain lady in valet uniform.

Later we strolled down the hill into town. After walking for what seemed like forever (10minutes) we found the eating street and randomly picked a place.

With insufficient language to order dinner (no menus nor English here) we chose from ingredients in the big glass front fridge: beef, mushrooms, potato, tofu and weird little squashed dough balls.

What we got;Cold roast beef sliced wafer thin and served with a dipping sauce of soy, fresh chili, Sichuan pepper and spring onion, delicious!

Long stem mountain mushrooms lightly stir-fried with carrot, peppers, garlic, Chinese greens and ham. Extra delicious!

Diced potatoes sautéed with red peppers, chilies and spices, tasty!

Tofu cooked in a red sauce of vegetables and minced pork, tasty but a funny texture.

Fried dough balls with condensed milk; bit much after everything else, but I still ate 5 or 6.

Meanwhile a never ending supply of tea. Best dinner so far in china!

Walking back through the crisp mountain air we look up to see a sky full of stars. What a crazy day. I’m so full.