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March 9th, 2012 Posted in Uncategorized

An offer
Hey, Lee-Ann and I are looking for $100-$500. This is to help with our business Thyme to Taste here in Yass. We are opening in a few weeks, but cash with any new business is tight. We could go to the bank and get a loan/overdraft/business credit card, but we are trying the bank free way plus we thought we would do our own version of crowd funding/sourcing.

So here is the proposition.
For every $100 sent our way we will send you 1 bottle of wine every month for three months from the local area. This wine
will be of equal (or greater value) than the money paid in advance.
$100 – 3 bottles over 3 months
$200 – 6 bottles over 6 months
$300 – 9 bottles over 9 months
$400 – 12 bottles over 12 months
$500 – 15 bottles over 15 months

The business is a local deli and cafe, we have a regular client base as we sell local cheeses at the Yass Farmers Market and there is hardly a day goes by when people approach me and ask when are we opening (which by the way is the end of March). The focus of the food is regional food, farm animals raised locally and processed in the area. Dairies that are not 1000’s of KMs away and of course wine only 10-20 kms away.

So basically let me know what you think – If required we can throw in free winery tours in our local wine region – Come and visit and score a free meal. Just contact me and I will supply all details. Of course if you know anyone else that may be interested in this offer let them know about it.

Some of the wines you may recieve include
Helm –
Clonakilla –
Jeir Creek –
Gallaghers –
and a lot more

Andrew and Lee-ann
Thyme to Taste