New Stuff: PDW Mach Schnell Goggles! $25

March 27th, 2012 Posted in New products


Nick is unreasonably excited about these things. When we first spied them on and asked our supplier to get some, we had to work hard to convince them we weren’t joking. They’re a design based on a World War 2 era goggle for desert and mountain troops, for protection against dust, wind and rain.

We’ve had alot of happy customers find rain-riding nirvana through the combination of full coverage mudguards and Carradice rain-capes, and I think these are the missing piece of that puzzle. Although we can keep you and your bike clean and dry, and a peaked cycling cap does a fair bit to keep the rain out of your eyes, without glasses or these goggles, you’ll be squinting against rain in your eyes, and especially at night, that’s not effective for staying aware of what’s going on on the road around you.

Unlike a set of cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses, these goggles pack flat and can easily slip in with a folded up coat or cape, won’t crack or get damaged and will be there, handy when you need them.

It’s just my luck that they’d finally come in as the weather seems to have taken a turn for the better, but for $25 they’re an unbeatable addition to your wet-weather kit.