The Plug – Dynamo Powered USB Recharging

June 29th, 2012 Posted in New products, Uncategorized

We’re very pleased to be stocking The Plug, the neatest dynamo powered device charger we’ve ever seen. A 5V USB socket is built into the stem top-cap, and it connects to an existing hub dynamo through the fork steerer column. It’s got a capacitor built in, so will happily charge iPhones and other devices that are fussy about their power supply, but will work with any camera, GPS, smoothie maker or electric drill that recharges via USB.

It’s fantastic for long distance touring, and a great addition to bikes like the Vivente World Randonneur that are already specced with generator hubs. They’re made by Tout Terrain from Germany and more details are available on their site

We’ve got a demo unit set up that you’re welcome to come in and play with. The Plug itself is $200 and includes the PAT module. We’ve got iPhone holders and cables, as shown above for an extra $60, and installation labour would be $40.