Christmas and New Year Break

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Our last day for 2013 is Saturday 21 December. We’re open from 10am til 4pm, then we’re back on deck on Monday January 6.

Thank you for your support and patronage this year. It’s truly our pleasure to help make your cycling life a joyous one.

Some of highlights for this year have been the gorgeous Surly Ogre we got to build twice – once for Kim and once for Mike. I spent a few days at the Taipei Bike Show seeing how the international bike industry sausage is made.  We built Pat a lovely Crosscheck, and heaps more tidy Surly’s – like this murdered out black Troll.

Plus.. more Bromptons that just keep amazing us with their design and utility  – We got to hang out and go riding with Will Butler Adams in March. We’ve loved selling Linus and Breezer transport bikes for the city and setting up lots of Mum and Dad-bikes to help families see the inner west on two wheels.

Donald went off to Bike College in Colorado in September and we’ve welcomed Maisey to the family and his skills and experience are a great asset for us.

For 2014, we’re doing more of what we like and less of what we don’t – so more Surly, more Brompton, more cool bike stuff you won’t find anywhere else, more down to earth advice and most importantly, 100%, top-notch, solid gold, best-in-the-west bicycle mechanics making your bike go good.

Enjoy the holiday – ride your bike, and we’ll see you in January – Much love from Adam, Nick, Donald and Maisey.

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New Bikes #2 – Marin Cortina CX

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We’ve been fans of cyclocross bikes as a great, versatile, option for sporty commuting for a long time, and it seems like ‘Cross is exploding everywhere, and more and more cool bikes are becoming available in Australia. These Marin Cortina CX’s are just the right mix of slighty racier drivetrain components, but robust wheels and wider tyres to make them really attractive for us, plus they’re $1600 down from $2000, so there’s that as well. For some more info, take a look here.

If you wanna see what these bikes are built for, or have a crack at some racing, a clothing brand is bringing CX to Sydney Park this Saturday, November 16.. Check it out at… or just do burnouts in your sweet Cortina..

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 11.28.19 AM

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New Bikes #1 – Fuji Touring 2014

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Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 9.56.32 AM

Our favourite $1100 steel light-tourer/commuter is back with a vengeance for 2014. Solid, reliable 9spd Deore drivetrain, great looking and with a luggage rack included – more information here. We’re aiming to keep a 49 or 54cm in stock for test-rides, and there’s good availability on the full range of sizes.

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The Great Pedal – Powered Book Tour

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Newcastle Overnight 2013

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1 month to go until Newcastle Overnight. This was a highlight of my cycling year last year, and promises to be a cracker again. There’s no sponsorship, no prizes, no registration – just you, your bike, the road and a peleton of your new best friends, cruising through the Central Coast at 3am.. Do it!!

As a special incentive, we’re offering 15% off complete SP Dynamo / Alex Rim wheels for anyone who does the ride, and 10% off B+M Lights. You pay full price, and then get cash back when you prove to us that you did the ride.. Sound fair right?

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Fairfield Bike Shorts

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Phuong is one of our oldest and dearest friends, and has been busting her gut on the Fairfield Bike Shorts project over the last few months. She’s running a Pozible campaign to get it over the line, and would greatly appreciate your support.

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Big Rides, Little Wheels #3 – Brompton To The Gong

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Look at these three grinning idiots, for the proof of what spending a day out and about on a Brompton does to a normally sober and responsible cyclist.

I’m sure you can appreciate my rhetorical strategy here – proof and inspiration that 16″ wheels are no barrier to long distance riding.

If you want to get involved in our next Brompton adventure, we’d like to invite you to join our 2013 team for the Gong Ride. 90k’s from Sydney Park, prizes to be awarded for sartorial excess – – As ever, non-Brompton riders are welcome, but only in the company of an accredited Bromptoneer.

If you can’t make it, feel free to donate to help us reach our fundraising goal –

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Big Rides, Little Wheels #2 – Don’t Forget To Stop

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Our friend Sophie is in the middle of a pretty epic Brompton adventure, taking her M3R from Boston to Miami via the East Coast Greenway, and having a fantastic time along the way. If you don’t speak Brompton, M3R means a Sturmey Archer 3spd hub, so much kudos to Soph..

Follow along via Instagram / Blog / Facebook etc..

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Big Rides, Little Wheels #1 – Berowra to Windsor

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I had a cracking day out on the bike on Fathers Day – the best gift I could’ve asked for was a chance to go for a long ride. Caught the train up to Berowra, screamed down to Berowra Waters, across the ferry, up and over to Wisemans, then back down River Rd, meandering next to the Hawkesbury River through layers of history and past endless waterskiing resorts. I finished up at Windsor then sat on the train to get home.

It was a little over a century, so nothing to brag about, but the longest day I’ve had on my Brompton so far, and a solid vindication of the capabilities of these fantastic little bikes. I was happy to have some bar-ends, big pedals and lowered gearing, but the bike performed flawlessly and ate up the tarmac and dirt, and served to remind me that most bikes do most things pretty well.

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Cheeky T Surly Cross Check Custom Build – Four Years On, by Shark Mark

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Road trip ping, fuelled by endorphins, memories and discovery:
Setting out with only a vague mental map of an intended destination, I settled in for the journey ahead on my trusty steel steed ‘Pedro’.
BJ.CP, Kensington, Eastlakes then on to Mascot. At the bottom of Coward Street I pick up the Alexandria Canal around the airport (some serious plane spotting here) to Tempe. I then connect with the Cooks River cycleway west of the Princess Hwy and on on through the back of the burbs.
I continue to be surprised at how the changing demographic of the Inner West has delightfully sculptured local community areas. It is about here that the Aldi dark chocolate consumed with breakfast starts to kick in like an afterburner (I never said that I don’t cheat).
At the back of Campsie by some tennis courts and under the trees I stop for lunch at a picnic table. The Vietnamese hot bread chicken and salad role with fiery red bullet chillies purchased at Mascot from an acclaimed vendor, hits the spot. Fuelled and emptied in one session I leave the bike track heading up into Campsie shopping precinct. These areas promote a distant recall. I traversed them in the old MGTF to pick up flames of the nearly forgotten past. Marilyn Schultz at Belmore, whose eccentric father was the local GP, and Rhonda at Concord, whose father had the largest building company in the area. There is a Rhonda Place in Concord. These were the back ways also to my mates and friends at Carlingford, Epping and Cheltenham, tentacles of a cosmopolitan schooling. I racked up some Ks in that old jalopy.
Without identification of major roads I never really know exactly were I am. Keeping to the back streets I continue to weave my way in a general direction, reckoning with the sun. Belmore then Lakemba. The streets are closed to motorists at Lakemba for a festival. I stop briefly. Except for  engaging with the local Greens candidate pedalling her philosophy, it was difficult to recognize this as Australia. Canterbury next, I think, then through the back streets of Roselands where we went as a family to the first mega shopping mall in Australia when it opened.
More back streets of Beverly Hills and Penshurst roll by as I enter Hurstville and around to the south side of the rail station. I stop briefly, still straddling the bike to remember my ‘naughty boy’ experience with Brenda on the station. Nearly all boys new, or wanted to know a Brenda. Every Brenda came exitingly well equipped. These were the days when the ‘steamer’ from the South Coast stopped at Hurstville, only one of several city stops. You could catch it to Redfern or Central, then make the change to a now defunct Museum Station. Too much ‘naughty boy’ rememberance energy being expended here. I also do not recognize this new community.
On on through South Hurstville (any prosperity over the years has by-passed this part of town) down through the back roads to Carrs Park. The foreshore parklands at Carrs Park are hosting a cultural festival. Again, the street barriers are no impediment to a cyclist. Now I need to dismount to cut through about 25 meters of bushland at the southern end to pick up the Princess Hwy at Blakehurst. Tom Uglies and Sylvania pass from view as I circumnavigate through and around the back of Sylvania Waters. Hard to recognize the western end shabbiness of ‘The Waters’ as a landmark development. Taren Point rolls into view, as does ‘that’ bridge to Sans Souci, Sandringham and Ramsgate. Here I witness an afternoon onsite auction of an apartment in the back streets as I propel myself by. With the hordes of attendees, it’s difficult to image that we don’t live in a city gone real estate mad. Any proximity to the water fuels desire.  
Brighton Le Sands, Kyeemagh then back up to Arncliffe and eastward to Tempe. Around the airport again, Mascot, Rosebery, Kensington. It is when I turn onto Doncaster Ave at Kensington that my bum starts to register a complaint. Shifting around in the saddle helps. Into the back of and around Centennial Park where I feel the swoosh over my shoulder of those ‘lycra loonies’ as they race past. Go Cadel. Up the steady climb which is Dennison Street brings saddle relief as load is again transferred to the top of my legs. Busy BJ brings with it a need for extra vigilance as I then power down Bondi Road and crank a hard left turn into Ocean Street and home.
What a rewarding day in the saddle. Moral of the story is: better to have loved and lost than never to have………loved the bicycle

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